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What are brigadeiros?

[pronounced: bri–ga–day–row]

They are the most traditional Brazilian sweet. Our brigadeiro recipe consists of condensed milk, butter, and chocolate, these truffles are very creamy, soft, and will melt in your mouth. Although, chocolate is the most popular flavor, brigadeiros come in different flavors.

Rich and creamy recipe

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From Brazil with love

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Our brigadeiro recipe is freshly made with high quality ingredients for the best experience. Slow cooked and hand rolled one by one, this Brazilian sweet is perfect for any occasion.

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Our amazing friends

"It was a pleasure working with Erika on bringing the delicious Brazilian truffles to our office in celebration of employee birthdays and work anniversaries! I've never seen my co-workers so excited to try this delicacy and come back for more throughout the day. The special care and dedication Erika puts into the amazing truffles, packaging, and customer service is extraordinary!"

Yevy Kopeleva, Appfolio